Thank you! Greetings card commission

I was commissioned recently by BrandArt to create a branded thank you card for a really valued member of their staff. He was leaving after 5 years with the company and the team wanted to say thank you in a more personal way. I was given a fairly open brief and just asked that I include the BrandArt logo.

Having recently taken photos of the team for their online profiles, I thought I would put their smiling faces to good use and include them in the card design. The team are a really friendly group and the phrase 'thanks a bunch!' kept popping up in my mind. I thought that phrase might sound a bit negative, so opted for the heading of 'Thank you from this bunch!! For 5 great years' and turned each member of the team into a flower to form a bunch of flowers. 

I really enjoy combining imagery with a play on words, and try to keep a little humour in my work where possible. I created this design in Adobe InDesign, with a little help from Adobe Photoshop.

Wrapping paper pattern, inspired by my recent sketch

Here is the pattern inspired by my garden pickings sketch. I have created simple and playful forms based on my original sketch (which you can see in my previous blog post).  I have also taken inspiration from a vintage table cloth that I have at home which has brightly coloured polka dots. I had in mind cheerful wrapping paper when I designed this pattern but I think it would suit fabric very well too and could bring a cheerful dash of colour to the home.