Promotional eCards. I'll start the new year..... closing off on the old one.

And how better than to do so with the Christmas eCard that I designed for Bird & Co., a boutique media & communications executive search firm based in St James's, London.

The brief was to include the client's existing logo and bird illustration with a simple and elegant design. Given Bird & Co's diverse range of clients, it was important not to focus too much on the religious elements of christmas and more to display a subtle celebration of the holiday season.

I often find that less is best. I therefore opted for a limited colour palette, using a soft tint of the clients's branded colours. I contrasted this with a vibrant and festive red to sharpen the design.  I find the ornate wintry snowflake pattern in the background sets the scene nicely.

My design was mailed-out to Bird & Co's clients several weeks before christmas. 

My design was mailed-out to Bird & Co's clients several weeks before christmas. 

A christmas card is just the beginning, there are so many ways you can capture the interest of YOUR clients. I'm well-versed in designing promotional materials in digital and print. If you would like some inspiration and clever ideas for keeping in touch with your clients then send me a note on my contact page. I'd love to help you.

And in the meantime, happy new year to you all!

Gothic sketching

I love the high contrast of this image, it adds to the sense of drama and mystery. Just adding a bit of red to my pen and ink drawings makes a massive difference to the impact of the image. This is something that I will explore further, perhaps using pen and ink and one key colour to complement it.